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Metal spinning

German standard DIN 8584 defines metal spinning as a metal forming process used to produce rotationally symmetric, hollow parts in small or medium quantities. The manufacturing process requires a great deal of experience and skilful craftsmanship. A highly economical method of production, metal spinning, which is also known as spin forming, is becoming increasingly important across the industry.

For metal spinning to take place, the tool and the workpiece must have a common axis of rotation. Once the pair is set into rotation, a roller gradually pushes the blank against the chuck mandrel. This enables almost any type of contour to be reproduced.

The resulting workpiece is light in weight and at the same time has a high tensile strength. Thanks to the adaptable guidance of the roller, a single chuck can handle a variety of materials and different wall thicknesses. In most cases the precise contours and the high dimensional accuracy of the part eliminate the need for any post-machining.

The balance of tool costs, set-up time and quality ensures high process efficiency, especially in medium quantity outputs. We have expanded our scope of applications by combining this process with other tensile/compressive forming processes such as deep drawing.

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