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Our company

Our company is a versatile supplier of precision-spun and deep-drawn sheet metal parts. We specialise in low-formability metals with wall thicknesses ranging from 0.3mm to 5mm (depending on the material used) and an external size of up to 1,600mm. By including stainless steels, heat-resistant metals and light metals in our processes and maintaining strict tolerances in production we have greatly expanded the scope of application of this 300-year-old manufacturing tradition.

Our well-established company was founded by Mr Alfred Thate in 1951. Today, our customers benefit from the valuable experience we have been able to gain by maintaining a permanent core workforce of highly skilled personnel.

We partner with more than 120 companies. Our partners value our commitment to quality and the pride we take in our products instead of pursuing maximum productivity through division of work. Maintaining team spirit and a positive workplace climate is more than just a noble goal among our 50 staff - it is the foundation of our daily work. In particular, our conduct of business pays off when it comes to product development, delivery bottlenecks or similar situations.

The expectations of our customers encourage us to break new ground in metal forming applications and pave the way for their technological advantage.

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